Dziękujemy PKO Bank Polski za wsparcie naszego programu akceleracyjnego

PKO Bank Polski once again joined in the initiative that supports startups, whose main asset is the innovation of offered solutions and unconventional way of thinking. “Let’s FinTech with PKO Bank Polski” is the path dedicated to startups, focused on financial solutions related to payments, mobile banking, and web security and investments.

“The Polish economy is facing now an opportunity to join in the global technology revolution. To take full advantage of those opportunities, we need an efficient infrastructure to facilitate the emergence and implementation of best innovative ideas. Therefore PKO Bank Polski is actively engaged in the initiatives supporting the development of Polish startups” said Zbigniew Jagiełło, President of PKO Bank Polski Management Board.

PKO Bank Polski is the undisputed leader of the Polish banking sector. In 2015, according to its consolidated net profit, its profit amounted to 2.61 billion PLN, and the total value of the balance sheet, amounted to 272.4 billion PLN, after the 1H of 2016. In total, over the last five years, the assets of the PKO increased by nearly 100 million PLN – both through organic growth and merger with Nordea Bank Polska, assessed as one of the best-performed merger on the market. Effective implementation of the growth strategy meant that PKO Bank Polski is the highest-positioned national finance company in the latest edition of the Forbes Global 2000, which includes the world’s largest stock companies.

The Bank has the widest and an award-winning range of services on the market and is the primary provider of financial services for all customer segments, reaching the highest market share in the loan market (17.6%) and deposits (17.3%). It is a leader in the services for the local government sector – its share in the financing of local government loans is 20%, and the share in the segment of municipal bonds exceeds 30%.

The strength of the bank is the ability of continuous improvement, thanks to which it is able to fully exploit market opportunities and increase competitive advantage. The Bank is consequently investing in modern processes, innovative services, and technological solutions. One of them is the mobile payment service IKO, which, through the efforts of the bank, became the basis standard of Polish mobile payment BLIK. Bank won the prestigious “Distribution & Marketing Innovation in Retail Financial Services” organized by Efma, where the process of transforming the mobile applications IKO into the market standard payment BLIK won the title of the best global innovation in payments.