Acceleration program

The core elements of the acceleration program by MITEF Poland, are:

  • Six workshops in the format of 24 steps model, based on “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” by prof. William Aulet, long-term business practitioner and Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management.



  • The Pitch Academy – a combination of workshops and one-on-one coaching that will allow you to master your investor pitch. Delivered by a leading US based expert in the field.
  • Support from legal experts, patent attorneys, tax advisors, advisors in the field of enterprise financing.
  • Mentoring program – you will be matched with minimum two mentors with an in-depth understanding of the industry you are in.
  • The MIT EF Bootcamp. A week long, action packed event in June 2017 at the legendary MIT campus. You will get to meet fellow engineers, scientists, and startup entrepreneurs from the community. You will also have a chance to pitch to US early stage investors and network with the local startup community.
  • MIT’s educational platform MITex
  • StartSmart – a networking conference, engaging the MIT ecosystem and ecosystem of innovation in Poland.
  • The MITEF’s Alumni program supporting the development of startups at the post-acceleration stage.
  • Coworking space by Campus Warsaw, Google’s place for entrepreneurs.


Additionally, our program offers a comprehensive, intensive business, technological support and access to its potential customers – Large Enterprises in 4 industry tracks, which are engaged in accelerating development of technology startups and its entry into the market.

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